China Working on a New Virus that Kills Only the Corrupt People

China is in full gear towards discovering a new virus that will keep the world busy after their latest invention, SARS-COV-2, falls out of fashion.

In the blueprints that were revealed to senior Communist Party members, China is planning to unleash a new virus that will only infect and kill the corrupt people.

The new virus will be an enhanced version of the current novel Corona virus, five times more contagious and with an incubation period of three months. This will give the virus enough time to spread without being detected, before it can start killing it’s victims.

But it is the nature of it’s attack that is causing uneasiness among most leaders. The virus will only be attacking and killing corrupt people, thus a threat to almost all politicians on planet Earth. This is causing uneasiness among politicians and the United Nation is calling for China to quickly stand back and not pursue the virus further.

Most politicians in Kenya were unable or unwilling to comment on the matter, although the government has already sent for vaccines from China in advance.

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