Kariobangi Evictees Urged to Stay at Home

Kenyans who were evicted from their homes in Kariobangi have been urged to stay at home to avoid the spread of Corona virus disease.

Issuing the directive from the comfort of a high-end furnished government office in Nairobi, the Police Spokesperson Charles Owino asked the now homeless Kenyans not to ignore the government directive of staying at home in order to curb the spread of the disease.

“We are very concerned about the welfare of all Kenyans and would not want anyone catching the disease or spreading it to others. This is why we want these people to maintain adequate social distance, wash hands, and most importantly stay at home.”

He further added that the government was working with the rains to provide adequate water for them to wash their hands, and urged well-wishers to donate soap in order to save the lives of those vulnerable Kenyans.

The five thousand evictees are now working hard to stay invisible as they are not sure what the police who evicted them will do next. They also cannot stay close together to keep warm as that will be against the social distancing rules.

Interviewed, some said that they wish they were fighting against floods and not the governments, as flood victims are receiving help from the same government that has evicted them.

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