Kenya Designates All US Police Divisions as Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Kenya has listed all the US Police Division as Terrorist Organizations and immediately called for sanctions against any person or groups of persons funding their operations.

In a strongly worded statement that was issued from Nairobi, Kenya said that it was closely monitoring the activities of the state sponsored terrorist organizations which were operating in the whole of the former British Colony of US, noting that key people were responsible for their operations and Kenya would not hesitate to issue sanctions against all the institutions supporting terrorism.

The listing as a terrorist group is a major boost to all the African American people who have historically suffered more from the police than from their own gangs, but they lack a legal mechanism to present their grievances due to the state capture of judicial institutions by the terror groups.

Kenya has also opened up its borders to all the potential refugees who want to flee the Federal and State governments funded acts of terrorism.

AU Travel Advisory

Meanwhile, the African Union has warned all black people to avoid making unnecessary travel to the United States of America, citing increased risk of harm from the government, non-government, the president, police, gangs and even Covid-19.

In an alert that was circulated to all the Wakanda people, the African Union warned that the systemic murder of black people in the US by government sponsored terrorist groups was a human right violation and the AU would not hesitate from issuing sanctions on Washington.

“We are worried by the increasing cases of murder of black people by government sponsored militia. We want Washington to act on this internal aggression and provide a conducive environment for all the Wakanda people who are based in the US.”

The AU also said that it was keenly following the development and would intervene if need arose.

“We have watched with concern as the situation in the North American region continues to deteriorate. We will not hesitate to use force if need arises, but right now we focus on a diplomatic solution to the crisis.”

Already, several African countries have issued show cause letters to the respective US Ambassadors in their countries.


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