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Medical Students Miss Graduation after a Quarantined Lecturer used Examination Scripts for Tissue Paper

Adversity often brings out the best – and the worst – in people. Covid-19 has proved this with the world now suffering from stupid human actions, inactions, and general stupidity that seems to be worse than the virus itself.

While you would expect the people with some good knowledge and information are helping humanity at this time, they also happen to be the worst Pandumbics who cannot rise to the occasion when the world needs help. Remember when the world nearly quit using 5G until witches in Africa proved that 5G does not actually cause Covid-19? The engineers had no response to that.

But the worst is coming from the people who are supposed to directly help people deal with the disease. It is now emerging that hundreds of medical students from Maseno University in Kenya will not graduate after a lecturer used their exam scripts for tissue paper during a self-quarantine period.

The lecturer who was self-quarantined at his home after developing a Phantom Covid-19 symptom ran out of tissue paper but could not go out for a whole 21 days. With the only form of paper in the house being unmarked examination scripts which he was planning to work on as late as deadlines can allow, the lecturer tried to start marking the exams and reuse the papers for other noble purposes. Unfortunately, demand outran supply and he ended up not marking the papers.

The move now means that the hundreds of students who were supposed to graduate soon and start working in hospitals will be idling at home, even as Covid-19 threatened to takeover the country from corruption. This is because the University is not in a position to get the students to sit for another exam due to shortage of paper and money, while the students are not willing to pay money for another exam or wait for one year to resit for the paper.

The lecturer, a certain Dr Ogendo, argued that he was not responsible for what happened as he was simply out of options. “This was a matter of life and death, and I am happy that life triumphed! All these other side effects will be handled in the course of time. The students should not be worried.”

With such actions, it is now clear that Covid-19 is not working alone, and the country could as well result to self-medication to treat the disease.

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