Millicent Omanga Considering Amputation to Get Rid of a Tattoo of Uhuru Kenyatta

Tattoos are cool, but they are also permanent. Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga should have known that.

After the bitter fallout in the ruling Jubilee Party, Senator Millicent Omanga has found herself on the wrong side of both fate and commonsense. An image of President Uhuru Kenyatta that she tattooed on her hand has refused to magically transform itself to that of Deputy President William Ruto, and the only option left is to amputate or live with the tattoo.

The nominated Senator has now few options but to sit and watch as a ‘not very wise’ decision she made when she was younger comes to haunt her and there is little she can do about it. Either way she is doomed, and her ego may not make a comeback after this.

The Senator now wants young people to be careful of the decisions that they make in their foolish years as these may come to torment them when they finally wisdom-up and start thinking. “I urge all young Kenyans to be rational and use common sense because that momentary pleasure that you seek for will have magnified consequences that will last all your life.”

The Senator was however able to change her Twitter Header photo to reflect the changing times.


The Senator now hopes that people will forget her past and focus on what is ahead, even though she is unable to do that because of the tattoo.

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