Reprieve for Churches as Zoom Introduces Online Offering and Tithing Services

Churches all over the world are now operating like churches in China; underground. This is not a big deal because a religion that claims to worship an omnipresent God should not be worried by limitations of space.

However, the missing function has been the money part. With Zoom, Meet, Jitsi and Webex helping churches to meet remotely, pastors have appeared a little frustrated by the lack of a way to get offering from their online members. In physical church meetings, asking for offering is easy because an usher can stare at you until you plunge your hands into some great depths of your wallet but in online meetings, this is never possible.

Luckily, Zoom is coming to the rescue. The new features announced will allow meeting hosts to declare meetings as religious and add an option for offerings to be given by the attendants online. It includes several payments methods in all parts of the world as well as an option to set the minimum amount of money to be given.

As if that is not good enough, Zoom will allow the host to know who has given money and who has not, a feature supposed to help the host ‘plan effectively’ for the next meeting.

Churches have welcomed this move and termed it as a ‘game changer’ in these ‘strange times.’ Even churches that had sworn not to use any technology because it is the Anti-Christ now seem very comfortable with the idea of using Zoom.

The new feature is expected to grow the market for Zoom in the global South by more than 900%, with Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists expected to use the service.

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