Strathmore University Launches an Online Bachelor of Thinking Degree

Strathmore University has launched an online course that is likely to change the world.

The online Bachelor of Thinking Degree is meant to teach people how to think, to think rationally, to think before tweeting and also to think all the time. It is the first time a University has introduced such a broad course that has the potential to alter the course of a nation.

The University is banking on the acute shortage of thinkers in Kenya to fill their classrooms, as the country is said to have one of the biggest number of non-thinkers in the world. A survey carried out by Dr David Ndii revealed that the average thinking level of Kenyans is that of a class one dropout, trailing all other East African countries including Tanzania.

Already, all politicians have been automatically enrolled, as well as most Subaru owners, most of the influential people on Instagram and all people who only post selfies on Twitter. Even you who are questioning the existence of such a course will need to register as you desperately need it.

The course will take a very basic approach, and rather than focusing on complex matters like logic and streamlining thought processes, it will focus on common sense and thinking from first principles.

Some of the units in the course include:

  • Why you have a brain
  • Reasoning for dummies
  • Fundamentals of good reasoning
  • The head is not mannequin for hair
  • Critical thinking for those who have never thought

While the course will teach learners how to think, it does not guarantee that graduates will ever think after the course. “You still have to take initiative after the course is over,” said the Strathmore University VC.

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