Tanzania Signs an MOU with Corona Virus

President John Magufuli of Tanzania has signed a memorandum of understanding with coronavirus that will see a cessation of hostilities between the two sides and the implementation of a coworking framework to enable peaceful coexistence between Tanzanians and the virus.

In a signing ceremony that was held in Dodoma, the government of Tanzania agreed to stop all aggression towards the virus that include indiscriminate use of masks and sanitizers, spraying of public places and maintaining social distance. In exchange, coronavirus will peacefully coexist with Tanzanians without causing any sickness or killing people.

Magufuli’s decision appears to be the most intelligent approach in the world against the disease and it will see Tanzania spared the deadly economic ramifications of the disease. This will keep the Tanzanian economy running as the world economies slowly enter a stealth mode with little productivity and no money. Meanwhile, Tanzania will be focusing on becoming the dominant player in world manufacturing when other economies close down.

The genius move has drawn admiration from around the world. Most government are stuck between total lockdowns and opening up the economies, thus fighting a losing battle against the virus. Tanzania is advising countries allover the world to take its approach because the only thing that the virus needs is a host as it cannot survive outside a living body. “We urge the leaders of the world to choose their battles wisely because there is no point of committing all your resources to fight a losing battle when you can easily sign a ceasefire agreement.”

Tanzania’s principle is not something new in the world. Almost 4500 years ago, Sun Tzu advised in the Art of War that winning the war with as little unnecessary combat as possible is the key to true victory. Tanzania seems to be following the script well with a focus on outthinking corona virus than on outfighting it.

A year from now, if Magufuli will still be standing, he will be standing as a giant and Tanzania a superpower.

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