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William Ruto Gifts State House Kenya a Giant Golden Horse

The bromance between Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Deputy President William Ruto has been restored this morning after Ruto gifted State House Kenya a golden horse that symbolizes the value and the bright future of Kenya.

The 12 meter tall golden horse was hailed as a game changer in the Jubilee Party politics, since it would lead to the days of ‘matching ties’ governance that Kenya had experienced early in 2013 when Jubilee came to power. The horse is a high tech device that is AI powered and can move around like a real horse.

Designed by Kipchumba Murkomen and single handedly fabricated by William Ruto at his Sugoi farm, the horse is a display of what William Ruto has been doing in quarantine and the reason he has kept a low profile so far.

Symbol of Unity

In a ceremony that was attended by senior government officials, Uhuru Kenyatta unveiled the gift that will be domiciled at State House Kenya and was made at a cost of KShs 65 million, all donated by Dr. William Ruto. “We take this gift as a recognition of our unity and friendship in the Jubilee Party, and to silence those saying that there is bad blood in the party.”

The horse that is gold coated is made of 98% recycled materials and is solar powered. This is a positive step towards combating climate change and will serve as Kenyans commitment towards a better planet earth. It will serve as a tourist attraction and also offer internet connectivity since it is connected to three Google Loon Internet Balloons.

The horse also possesses obstacle detection and avoidance capabilities, and will therefore be able to move around State House grounds autonomously any time or on demand, acting as a mobile hotspot and boosting connectivity at the site.

Ruto the Lover of History

Of late, Dr Ruto has been known to hire historians instead of political scientists, an indication that he is losing interest in politics and he is trying to establish a career as a scholar and a philanthropist instead of digging his hands deeper into dirty politics.

Ruto urged Kenyans to observe peace and learn from the mistakes Kenya has made in the past, arguing that those who fail to study history are bound to repeat its mistakes.

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