Willis Raburu Blames 10/10 Show for his Marriage Woes

Veteran Kenyan journalist Willis Raburu has termed the marital problems he is going through an occupational hazard.

Speaking to PostaMate without denying or confirming the rumors, Raburu said that he was sad that his work at the 10/10 show which airs every Friday was having serious ramifications on him, and that his marriage was getting affected by the program.

“The pressure to fit in is real. I am an old man trying to stay relevant to teenagers and it comes at a cost!“ he said.

“Most of the people who are bashing me online do not understand how hard it is to spend every Friday evening with teenagers who have just managed to hit the majority age, barely clad, full of energy and twerking through the evening. It is part of my job and there is little I can do about it.”

Willis who is more unstable than the element Francium which has a half-life of only 22 minutes (if you know real chemistry) hopes that he can be stable in the next relationship, an impossibility that has worse odds than Arsenal winning a title in any field.

He hopes that his employer, the Royal media Services will come to his rescue and award him some compensation for what he has gone through trying to get viewers to remain tuned in every Friday night.

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