Atheists in Kenya Start Tithing Towards a Billboard Project

The dog seems to have finally caught up with its tail after Atheists in Kenya launched a passionate social media appeal requesting both members and non-members to consider committing to a monthly offering to fund a billboard in Nairobi.

In what appears to be a small loan from churches, Atheists in Kenya have realized that good intentions cannot fund a billboard project, and the most logical way to get the money is for the members to give an offering for the project, and if possible, commit to giving on a regular basis.

The president of Atheists in Kenya said that they were not trying to copy the churches or just go with the tide nor were they quietly slipping into religion, but were only trying to be realistic in terms of organizational function. “One way or other bills have to be paid. There are not many ways around that. We are asking our members to be faithful in supporting our course and give according to their hearts’ desires.”

The appeal went just a millimeter shy of promising blessings to all those who give to support the project, and the only restrain was that they have not yet figured out how to say it without appearing religious or scoring an own goal.

They insisted that the monthly giving was only for the billboard project, and they would not need any more tithes and offerings once the project was complete.

The Billboard project is seeking to raise at least KShs 200,000 on a monthly basis, slightly less than the amount of money needed to feed all the 30 street children that are currently housed by Catholic Priest Father Martins at his rescue center in Ngong.

The new development is one more addition to the strange events of the year 2020, and we are hopeful that a time travel machine will bring us to the year 2021 soon.

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