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Experts: 7 km Run adds 30 Minutes to your Life but takes 40 Minutes

A recent study has confirmed that doing a 7 km run adds 30 minutes to your life, although it takes 40 minutes.

In what appears to be a net loss situation, joggers seem to be losing in life for every minute they spend on the track, unless of course they are from the Rift Valley in Kenya where a 7 km run takes 2.1415926535 minutes.

The new information now raises serious sustainability issues to the practice of jogging every day, something many people have adopted in the world. One lazy jogger who does 3 km every month seemed to agree with the findings. “I knew there was something wrong with it. It turns out that I am a net loser. I am better off watching a series or something else.”

The findings also seem to agree with a widely known and accepted philosophy about running when no one is chasing you. One bird watcher at City Park said, “I stopped running after I read the Bible verse that says the wicked run when no one is chasing them. Since I am not a wicked person, I have no business running without anyone chasing me.”

To make matters even worse, some people take another one hour to relax, take a shower and get back to normal after a run. This makes it even worse and the net loss is multiplied by two. Putting into account the time spent washing clothes, you realize that jogging is for losers.

All is not lost for jogger though. Experts added that people now need to view jogging as a form of time saving. “If you have nothing to do for 40 minutes, you can opt to jog and thus transfer some of that time for future use. You will end up saving 30 minutes instead of wasting the whole 40 minutes.”

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