Ghana Hires Kenya’s IEBCs Staff and Servers to Manage their Elections

The Electoral Commission of Ghana has hired the personnel and the servers of Kenya’s Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission in order to deliver the 2020 General Elections in Ghana.

In what appears to be the most strategic decision taken by an electoral body, Ghana is looking forward to learning from their experts in Kenya who despite running one of the most expensive elections in the world in 2017, the final results are yet to be revealed and the numbers are holed in the same servers that Ghana will be using for their elections.

The collaboration between the two bodies will see Ghana come for bench marking in Nairobi, where they will be taught ‘trade secrets’ of electoral commissions as well as how to pull just anything, considering that IEBC has managed to keep people come despite not delivering anything.

Kenya’s IEBC came to limelight in 2017 when it conducted the most digital elections in the world, with electronic identification of voters and electronic results transmission from the polling stations. To date, Kenyans are still waiting for the official results to be announced, although the incumbent was sworn in almost three years and ago.

For those who are not familiar with how IEBC conducted the 2017 elections, here is a short video:

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