Government of Kenya opens a Department of Social Media Warfare

The Government of Kenya has gone on a digital offensive targeting to quell an online civil war that has been going on since 2017.

So far, the government has spent 700 million in just 7 days in setting up a department of Social Media Warfare and buying influencers who will be used to spearhead the government propaganda online.

In what appears to be an online military operation, the government went on a shopping spree and bought all the opposition affiliated bloggers and influencers, before launching scathing attacks on any obstacle that was standing on the way of the government’s legacy.

The Treasury said that the huge spend by the government has managed to silence all criticism and opened up the country to development, something that has been impossible to achieve in the last 7 years. “700 million is a good investment considering that we are going to have a Return on Investment of about 1 billion. We will continue to invest in such schemes until this country overtakes South Korea in terms of development.”

Some of the hashtags that the government has used include those on finishing William Ruto, silencing Kipchumba Murkomen and also helping TangaTanga affiliated politicians make the wise decision of switching camps. The judiciary has also received its fair share of attacks, although many argue that this was unwarranted since judges do not know how to use computers, leave alone Twitter.

The government is still recruiting more bloggers and influencers and those interested in sharing the new cake have been asked to apply.


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