Hatched from an Egg of Impunity, The honest chick Anne Waiguru

The phrase “the end justifies the means” could have made no better sense than yesterday in the senate when a majority of the senators unanimously supported a committee of eleven members to try Anne Waiguru. It came after a majority senator rooted for committee way, citing the ease of bribing 11, compared to 67 demanded by the plenary. It is a big blow to those who wanted all the 67 senators to be part of the process because they will not share the loot.

When he rose to thank the members for the bold move, Senator Cleophas Malala of Kakamega thanked the members for being considerate to Waiguru’s pocket, saying that they will deliver justice at a lower cost. Apart from a few senators like Kipchumba Murkomen of Elgeyo Marakwet who were unhappy having recently lost positions, and are technically broke, the majority supported the 11-member committee to do an excellent job to save Waiguru’s neck from the chopping board. Ochilo Ayako of Migori, while sympathizing with Murkomen and the crew, encouraged them to be on the lookout for the next impeachment, and urged the house whips to make them members to compensate for the loss. As the Senate Minority Leader, James Orengo, confirmed, Waiguru had danced so well in the BBI rallies that it would be ridiculous to ask for her head.

Waiguru is not new to controversy, having been hatched from a mega corruption scandal dubbed the NYS Season One, that the country agreed only came third to Goldenberg and Anglo leasing scandals. She has a high affinity to public resources and is quite incompetent just like other governors, which earns her a special seat in the dinner table of project Kenya. All eyes are now fixed on Capitol Hill to save the rare breed from being thrown to political oblivion.

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