It was not Solitaire; it was Spider Solitaire. Get the Facts Right – Waiguru

Embattled Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has defended her action of playing solitaire during the Senate hearings, saying that the action helps her keep focused.

In a series of Tweets directed at her online haters, Waiguru said that she has been most productive in her life when she played solitaire, giving an example of her time at the NYS where she used to play the game every day.

“I play solitaire a lot, especially when I have nothing to do, or when I want to focus. One of those was the case yesterday at the Senate.”

She also took offense with those who were accusing her of playing solitaire, saying that they all got it wrong. “First, it was not solitaire, but spider solitaire. Those accusing me of playing solitaire are all wrong.”

Photo of Waiguru at the Senate. Courtesy of the star
Waiguru During the Hearing,

He also said the accusations were in bad faith. “What is wrong with a little girl playing some game on a phone which she bought with her own money? Why do you always want to police what other people do? It was not your hearing. You were not the one who was accused. It was not your phone, and it was not your game. Give me some space.”

She also added that she pays lawyers to represent her so that she can be free to do what she wants, including playing spider solitaire. “My money is doing the listening for me. I encourage all the young people to work hard so that in future they will afford to play spider solitaire while someone listens on their behalf. I remember when I started internship I used to do all the listening and I played solitaire with just one card.”

Asked for comments, the Senators at the hearing said that they had no problems with Waiguru and her solitaire or whatever else she plays, saying that they were just there for the allowances. “We know that Waiguru is honest and cooperative. That is What matters.”

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