Parents Claim that Internal Self-Governance is Just Wishful Thinking

On a day when Kenya is celebrating internal self-governance, also known as Madaraka, many people are questioning the whole idea of self governance and most parents now think it is a form of wishful thinking.

Speaking to Postamate, most parents wondered where the notion that one can govern themselves without external influence came from, saying that those who attempt such nonsense have always ended up on the wrong side of the law, and in Africa, of the slippers.

One mother of twins called it an absurd and impossible ideology. “The idea of self-governance is a farce. At best, it can only lead to self destruction. I spend all my day trying to keep toddlers alive and any single second I take my eyes off them I find them just seconds to disaster.”

In another case, a parent told of how his teenage son is bent on doing only the wrong thing and he thinks that it is cool. “I have one 17 year old who thinks that the world revolves around him and considers himself a millionaire, yet he has never made a single coin in his life. How do I let such a person run their own life?”

Even parents themselves are not fit enough to govern themselves. One man said that he is not allowed to leave the house and come back anytime he wishes, instead being forced to abandon every activity at sunset against his wishes and head home. His desire to stay in bed all day is also not allowed by circumstances.

Maybe even countries need to rethink this entitled view.

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