Protests in the US end Abruptly after Trump Endorses Them

The large protests that have been running in almost all parts of the US came to an abrupt end after Trump Tweeted his support for the protests.

In the fastest ever recorded mass change of mind that has never happened before in history, most people who have been supporting the protests against killing and harassment of black people by the police seemed to change their mind when Donald Trump expressed his support for the black people and the protests. Trump’s decision was informed by the advice he received from his contacts in China who have more experience dealing with peaceful and no so peaceful protests.

The people who had been supporting the protests said that they were not willing to be associated with Trump, and they would prefer a different way of dealing with the racial injustices other than being on the same side of history with Donald Trump. “We want to deal with police brutality without compromising our position as anti-MAGA protesters. This calls for a change of tactics.”

The change of position by Trump is seen as a genius move to end the riots, although it has resulted to the earlier calls for social distancing and need for shelter in place orders to combat the spread of Covid-19.

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