Ruto Calls for Constitutional Recognition of Witchcraft in Kenya

Deputy President William Ruto has called for mainstreaming of witchcraft and related activities in Kenya, saying that these have an integral role to play in the development of the country and the achievement of Vision 2030 goals.

Speaking at a undisclosed ceremony at 3 am, Dr Ruto said that Kenya stood to benefit from the vast wealth of experience and solutions that witches and wizards hold, and is key to unlocking a lot of potential that is underutilized in the country.

“Some of the greatest challenges we are facing today can be solved through Witchcraft. We have many people suffering from job losses, demotion, loss of business, broken families, desertion by friends or even court cases. It is time that we look for traditional solutions that can work to our advantage.”

The DP said that while he is not interested in getting such services himself as he still has some residue blessings from his former days in Christianity, he would not want to lock out any person who thinks he can get a solution from the traditional industry.

The position is a sharp about turn by Ruto, who has been known to be against ‘Waganga’ and anything to do with it. However, the tides seems to be turn since he became a Doctor and started using the title officially. He said, “Hata mimi mnaweza kuniita Daktari kutoka Sugoi, hata kama sitibu magonjwa ya kawaida.”

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