Senate to Decide Waiguru’s Case by Flipping a Non Carcinogenic Coin

The Senate is urgently seeking for a fair non carcinogenic coin that will be tossed to help decide on Waiguru’s fate.

In a Senate brief, Speaker Ken Lusaka said that it was important that they find the right two sided coin which will used for the landmark judgement, terming it as the most important ruling in the history of Senate.

“We will definitely toss a coin. It needs to be a good coin – non carcinogenic. We are not taking any chances.”

The speaker also argued that the hearings did not matter since the coin was superior to any human bias and would be fair in all occasions. However, only two people were shortlisted to provide the non carcinogenic coin that would be used. One from along State House Road, and another one from Capitol Hill Offices.

The coin will be delivered to the Senate just before the ruling, of course, in a new wheelbarrow.

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