Tourism Ministry Lauded for Partnering with Bunduri to Promote Medical Tourism.

The Kenyan government deserves praise for its efforts to support tourism in these perilous times that have left the industry crippled.

After a webinar convened by conservationists, the Ministry of Tourism agreed on a partnership with Bunduri to boost tourism numbers. The CS was quick to note that it was just a coincidence that he was the only black person in the webinar. The first tourist from Bunduri is the First Lady which shows the government’s commitment to supporting the initiative. She made a beeline for the hospital as part of the Kenyan government’s efforts to diversify into medical tourism.

Officials note that the extreme flu like symptoms she exhibits are due to the unusually higher levels of Nairobi dust since the Nairobians who normally inhale their fair share of it are indoors. In the coming weeks, more government officials from the East Africa region may follow suit in this extended hand of friendship and collaboration.

If they present with respiratory problems, it will be because their respective countries’ paid dust to Covid-19. That damned Nairobian dust! Our questions to the Ministry of Transport about how the First Lady got into the country with a closed airspace flew under the radar.

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