Uhuru Accuses Maraga of Calling from Private Numbers

President Uhuru Kenyatta has accused the Chief Justice David Maraga of being disrespectful and always calling him using ‘unknown numbers.’

In a response to the complains raised by DK Maraga about the Executive always blue-ticking the judiciary and ‘eating fare,’ Uhuru said that he had no way finding out who was calling since Maraga was using private numbers whenever he called. This is the reason why his calls were going unanswered.

“Let’s be sincere here. When they call me with unknown phone numbers, I don’t pick! It is our national culture not to pick calls from unknown people especially when you are in debts. The law is very clear on that!”

The president also said that Justice Maraga has also not been communicating effectively on other platforms, especially when he texts. “I always see him just text ‘hi’ and not say anything else. How am I supposed to respond to that?”

Asked if it was true that State House had earlier harassed the Chief Justice by subjecting him to very many security checks when he visits the State House, President Uhuru said that it is not OK for the Chief Justice to visit State House anytime he wants because that happens also to be Uhuru’s residence, and you cannot allow visitors in and out of the house any time.


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