Uhuru Transfers DP’s Office to the Ministry of Agriculture

In an effort to streamline government operations, President Uhuru Kenyatta has signed an Executive Order that places the office of the Deputy President under the Ministry of Agriculture.

In the Executive Order number 8194 of 2020, the president said that he was cognizant of the immense role that Agriculture plays in the economy of Kenya, and thus a need to build more robust structures around the industry.

In the new reorganization, the Deputy President William Ruto will directly report to the Ministry of Agriculture and will have sweeping powers to oversee an Agrarian Revolution that is expected to transform the country. This is in line with the Big Four Agenda which seeks to make Kenya a Middle Income economy through subsistence agriculture.

The president said that he had faith in Dr William Ruto to deliver this country through Agriculture, citing William’s extensive experience in chicken farming and his education. “William Ruto holds a PhD in something to do with plants, and this is an opportunity to use this to move this country forward towards Vision 2030.”

Ruto is now expected to lead the government efforts to eradicate desertification, manage locusts and prevent destructive floods.

No single MP has commented on the decision.