Government Planning to Reduce Corruption by 50%

The government of Kenya has come up with an ambitious plan to reduce the amount money lost to corruption by 50%.

The new initiative will see the government scale down on corruption and switch to the less lucrative activity of taking care of the welfare of the citizens. This marks a major policy shift where the interests of the citizens could come first in the world.

The World Bank has applauded the move and said that the decrease in corruption will have a wide-reaching implication on the citizens. “We are likely to see the rate of economy growth shoot to about 30% pa if the government sticks to this minimized corruption. This is a very positive outlook of what lies ahead for Kenya.”

Corruption is the single biggest votehead on the Kenyan budget, taking a staggering 60% of the whole budget. Of this, 10% goes to kickbacks, 12% to direct bribes and another 20% to inflated costs. The remaining 18% is lost through unexplained corruption entanglement.

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