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Government Urges Small Families to Merge and Save on Rent

Families are hard hit with Covid-19 and the government has the perfect solution. Small families should merge and save on one rent!

In what turns out to be the most brilliant family fiscal policy during Covid-19, families of less than five people will be required to merge and save on one rent. This will go into paying other bills and ensuring the family is protected, without the government spending any money.

Many people have supported the idea. Even religious leaders think that it is an option that can be explored. “It is not the first time this is happening. Even during the Passover, small families had to merge with their neighbors in order to finish to finish their Passover Lamb. We are calling on people to do the same in these hard times.”

The mergers and acquisitions will lead to major restructuring since family rules will need to be redefined. Experts are now trying to dig into how extended families survived in Africa and India so that they can formulate guidelines for the same.

Most landlords are unhappy with the directive as it will mean less tenants. However, they have themselves to blame since they only reduced rent by 0.01%.

If you have a small family, it is time you start looking for a suitable partner family.

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