“If Bad then Bad” – Kenya’s new Policy on Covid-19

Kenya’s new policy to fight Covid-19 is called ‘If Bad then Bad’ (IBTB).

Announcing the new set of measures, President Uhuru repeated the words that were said on the first day when the first case was recorded, clearly warning the residents that they are on their own.

The new policy comes after every possible measure to contain the spread of the virus failed, with people criticizing the government for any positive or negative action. The government was criticized for not closing borders, then criticized for enforcing cessation of movement. When it finally closed borders, it was criticized and when it later eased movement of people in and out of Nairobi, it was criticized.

Even the people who wanted a lockdown blamed the government for their loss of livelihood, while those who didn’t want a lockdown blamed the government for exposing them to Covid-19. It is for this reason that the president gave up on Kenyans and gave his long speech on 6th July which can be summed up with three words.

Kaa mbaya mbaya.

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