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Kenyans Indecisive on Whether to Die from Poverty or from Covid-19

Kenyans cannot seem to make up their mind on whether they should die from poverty or from Covid-19. Instead, they are now forcing their fellow Kenyan to decide for them, and they will crucify him either way.

The catch 22 situation has sent the president into hiding because he also has to choose his own death. If he reopens the economy, he will guilty of spreading Covid-19. If he refuses to reopen the economy, even those who had nothing since 1963 will blame him for the current state of their nothingness.

On social media, Kenyans have been asking the president to reopen the economy, and also not to reopen it at the same time. This mixed signal is the one that has given the president sleepless nights. The experts have also given mixed signals, meaning that the president will have to carry his cross and make a decision, or wash his hands and make a decision.

Way Out

There is still one way for the president to escape the wrath of fellow Kenyans. The president can choose to open the economy and not open it at the same time, just as it has been happening over the last few weeks.

Uhuru Kenyatta could sustain the current cessation of movement in and out of the Covid-19 hotspots, while at the same time allowing the police to continue receiving a small facilitation fee of fifty bob from any one who wants to move in and out. This way, the cessation of movement will be present and absent at the same time.

Long live the Schrödinger’s cat!

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