Maasai Mara University Student on the Run after Hacking Twitter

An undergraduate student at the Maasai Mara University of Science and Technology is on the run after hacking Twitter and making people who think there is free lunch donate to him over KShs 10 million.

The hack which targeted well known individuals such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Obama and even corporate accounts such as PostaMate left even Twitter Support confused. How a nondescript second year student of anthropology managed to shake the tech giants still remains a mystery.

However, Kenya university students are known to do assignments even for PhD candidates in the US and Europe, and thus the hack is not something far fetched.

The hack comes in the midst of University closure in Kenya due to Covid-19. This has led to increase in crime with students being at the center of many online attacks that are happening. Earlier in the year, the University town of Juja was in the news after Interpol named Juja a global cybercrime hotspot.

University leaders are now calling the government to reconsider reopening the Universities as soon as possible. “This is a wake up call for the government to reopen Universities before more harm falls our way. Comrades are broke and they have time. Never make a smart guy who has enough time for anything broke.”

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