Magufuli’s Approval Rating Reaches 102% in Kenya

President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania seems to be making it in Kenya as his approval rating reaches an astronomical value of 102%.

The man who just three months ago was hated and was ranked very close to cattle and ducks has seen his fortune change and he is now considered a genius. Kenyans now seem to agree that he is one of the wisest men ever born South of Sahara. They also rank him as the most visionary president on earth.

To be honest, nothing has changed about Magufuli. Its just Kenyans are increasingly coming to their senses. As Kenya plays hide and seek with Covid-19, Magufuli does not have time for that. While deep down in his heart he knows that Tanzania will suffer due to Covid-19, His Kenyan counterpart knows very well that it will be worse in Kenya. Deep down the space where his heart used to be, President Kenyatta knows that Kenya will suffer both from Covid-19 and financial crisis.

Kenyans interviewed praised Magufuli’s approach in combating the pandemic. “He is banking on a herd immunity, while Kenya is loaning on herd immunity. Magufuli paid cash. We are getting a loan as we buy time, but the result will be the same.”

Tanzanians also agree that Magufuli and is people are underrated in Kenya. “It is time that Kenyans stopped dismissing anything coming from Tanzania just because we speak Swahili. What is the obsession with a colonial language yet you cannot pronounce otorhinolaryngologist without hurting your toes?”

Hail Magufuli.

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