New Drug that Reduces Chances of Covid-19 Infection Faces Rejection

A promising new drug that significantly reduces chances of infection with Covid-19 has faced rejection all over the world. This has left billions of people exposed to coronavirus.

The new drug that has been proven to significantly alter the spread of the virus when administered to both healthy and infected individuals has failed to take off. Most of the developed world has rejected the drug in favor of more costly interventions.

In what appears to be a coordinated effort by the masses, the drug has been left to rot unused. Instead, people are trying other unorthodox methods of treatment such as chloroquine phosphate. “It seems that there is an effort to discredit all forms of low-cost treatment for Covid-19. Surprisingly, it is not the big pharma that is involved in fighting the drug. It is the ordinary people who prefer more costly and ineffective methods of dealing with the disease.”

Even in places where the Covid-19 drug is available, governments have rushed to import other untried cures. Tanzania ignored the new drug and went for the Madagascar cure. The US ignored the drug and instead choose the an old malaria drug.

The drug whose chemical formula is 18% face masks, 53% handwashing and 29% public health interventions remains widely available all over the world, but unused. The only way to make people adopt it is increasing its costs and making it scarce.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 continues to rage.

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