Number of People Hospitalized due to ‘Just a Cough’ Spikes in Tanzania

Coughs have become deadly in Tanzania in the past few days, with the number of people admitted in hospital due to ‘just a cough’ rising sharply.

The information which is being whispered in hushed tones across Tanzania says that an increased number of people are falling sick and being hospitalized due to a cough. Some acute cases have difficulty breathing but all that is attributed to the cough. Some have ended up in ICU but then, it is just a cough.

While coughing is not a deadly disease, health experts in Tanzania are still trying to figure out why the cough has become deadly in the past few days. This is a big blow to the country which has managed to deal with more serious diseases such as Covid-19. The last case of the disease was diagnosed more than a month ago and the affected patients have already been discharged.

Tanzania became the second country in the world to beat Covid-19 after President Magufuli declared the country Covid free. They narrowly lost to North Korea.

Across the country, people who have a cough are simply taking some citrus concoction and refuse to be bothered by the cough. Many are even avoiding talking about the cough because it’s just a cough.

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