Pastor Ng’ang’a Launches a Mathematics Learning App

Pastor and Mazimatician James Ng’ang’a has ventured into education technology after launching a mathematics learning app that can be used at multiple learning levels.

The android based app is marvel and illustrates how the hard working pastor has used his quarantine time because while you were busy memerizing him, he became an android developer. Do you think that it is a crappy app? Shock on you!

If you think you can outdo him in Maths, think again. The app that was tested by a few scholars put them in shame when they were unable to hit the right answers as expected, although pastor Ng’ang’a had not trouble unlocking multiple levels on the app. The app is now popular with young people who want to learn while at the same time having fun.

Speaking during the launch, Education CS Professor George Magoha noted that the app was a great arithmetic tool which will soon be made compulsory for all government employees. “Instead of having to hang your jacket on the seat and then going to gossip in another office, use this app to refresh your maths skills.”

The app relies on gamification to test arithmetic skills and is available for free on the Play store, although you can have your installation done at Ng’ang’a’s church for free by an usher.

You still think that you are smarter than pastor Ng’ang’a? Try his application now if you are ready to lose your self confidence. Click HERE to test the app.

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