Pastor Ng’ang’a to delete part of his age in order to be 58 Years Old

Pastor James Ng’ang’a has quickly moved to delete part of his age in order to be under 58 years. This follows government’s directive to allow only those aged 12 – 58 years into churches.

In a quick action that caught even the constitution off-guard, Pastor Ng’ang’a deleted the excess age which would lock him out of his own church. He said that his office as the chief commander allowed him to do that since there can be no church when he is not there.

“Let’s be honest here. This ministry is Ng’ang’a and Ng’ang’a is this ministry. It is either the president revises the age restriction, or I revise my age. Come Sunday Ng’ang’a will be in church and he will be eight years younger!”

Ng’ang’a also faulted the directive to allow only 100 people in church, saying that this was very inconsiderate of the situation on the ground. “In my church we have about 120 deacons and 300 ushers. We would be full even before we start counting the members.”

His concerns are very valid. The Mega churches of Nairobi will need about 50 services a week to server all their members if the limit is retained at 100 people at a time.

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