‘There is no free food in Ushago’ Nairobi Residents Warned

Nairobians started a mass migration to the village today after the cessation of movement in and out of Nairobi was lifted.

Most of the people were escaping hostile economic conditions in the city following loss of jobs and income due to Covid-19. It did not help that the Landlords never noticed the pandemic so the cost of housing has remained the same while the agents collecting rent have become tougher.

This is the reason why many people in Nairobi have started exiting the city in the hope that they can get a safe place to cool their pockets in the villages.

But the village residents are warning the Nairobi residents that even in the village, food does not grow on trees. To be honest, it does, but the trees do not just grow on their own. They require a little planting, some general cultivation and also a little harvesting at the end. Only that the little work takes a whole day every day.

Nairobians will thus need to work their hands out in the village if they are to get the free food. This is a tough task because most of the skills in the city do not count in the village. “Here we do not use influencers to ripen tomatoes. Your number of followers will not affect how fast maize grows. However much you slay, it won’t move the cow to produce more milk.”

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