Tuskys Supermarket to Sell Helicopters Online

Tuskys supermarket is thinking big. Starting July 2020, the supermarket has decided to start selling helicopters in order to cater for a growing demand for the same in Kenya.

 “Helicopters have become a part of fast-moving consumer goods in Kenya,” said Uncle wa Tuskys. “We are delighted to serve Kenyans in a new way that puts into mind the changing financial landscape of the country. What a good time to be alive!”

With the new offering, Kenyans will be able to shop at Tuskys and fly out of the supermarket in their own helicopters.

The news was welcomed by politicians who had always complained of how difficult it was to get a good helicopter locally. Many had to travel to travel to foreign destinations to source for the mandatory piece of equipment that is needed to win elections in Kenya. They will now be able to order for a helicopter of their choice right from their bedroom and have Tuskys deliver it at no cost.

While the helicopters have been described as affordable and budget friendly, the cost ranges from 120 million to 15 billion depending on the make. Head of sales at Tuskys said that this price was very friendly considering that people who buy those birds have some infinite depth pockets.

The new offering will also help the financially constrained retail giant to increase its cash flow and have the financial muscle to edge out upcoming competitors. With the average price of a helicopter going for 200 million, selling just one order per day will lead to doubling in sales for the supermarket. This will be a 100% increase in sales, raising the much-needed revenue.

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