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You can Lose Weight by Watching Workout Videos

Experts have observed that you can lose weight simply by watching workout videos without the need to exercise or have a gym subscription.

In a perfect case of eating your pie and having it, you are now free to feast on any junk, provided that you regularly watch exercise videos. This eliminates the nagging practice of watching weight and counting calories which ends up making any good food unattractive.

Through a study of 300 young adults who were struggling with obesity and weight loss, those who spent time watching exercise videos lost more weight than those who hit the gym. This finding is likely to set free millions of people around the world who have been slaves to the gym every day in order to keep up with their former body shape.

Scientific Explanation

The scientific explanation behind the results is still a mystery. However, it is likely that watching the workout video brings a similar torture to that experienced during the actual workout. “Watching someone lift 70 kg is like lifting 35 kg. This is why watching the video is as good as the actual workout.”

The surprising thing is that watching work out videos works all the time, and even better when you are on a sofa and with some popcorn. The future of personal fitness is being disrupted by this new piece of truth!

Winners and Losers

The study which was commissioned by a fast food restaurant showed that people who watch at least at least 25 minutes of workout videos every month tend to lose weight and become muscular. This was irrespective of what they ate.

Gyms are set to lose big on this because they have always forced people to subscribe to tiresome activities and sweat for no reason. Nutritionists have also been served by the new findings since they will not have to lecture anybody yon what to eat. Any junk food consumed will effectively be neutralized by watching a few minutes of workout videos on YouTube.

If you have a gym subscription, it is time you demanded for a refund and an apology and start watching workout videos. Earlier in the year, the value of jogging was also debunked.

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