Young People Wondering Why Some People Choose to Have Preexisting Condition

Why would anyone choose to have a preexisting condition at such a time in history?

That is the question that all young people are asking as they continue to see cases of people with preexisting condition fall at a greater risk of Covid-19 and others miss out in insurance cover because of such conditions.

“It is a mystery that someone can just choose to live with a condition all their life. Why not just get it treated? Is it because they do not play football and other games that they have such conditions?

With zero preexisting conditions, young people cannot figure out why many people choose to have such conditions. One said that conversations with old people are boring because they are always talking of some pain here and an ache there.

“If we were to talk like them, life would be so boring. I would be saying, ‘Today I feel extremely fine. Nothing aches. My perfect health continues to improve. It is extremely hard to break a bone!’”

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