2020 KCSE Results Will still be Released this Year

The government has expressed confidence that this year’s KCSE results will be released as scheduled, even though schools remain closed until the end of the year.

In what can be considered an operations magic, the education CS Secretary said that Covid-19 would not interfere with the release of the results this year because the government had already prepared for the release of the results in advance.

“We prepared the results before Covid-19. This is part of the greater goal to improve efficiency in the Ministry of Education and you can see that it is working. Candidates can expect to get their results in November before they go back to finish the syllabus in January.”

Some people wondered how the results will be arrived at yet students will not sit for the exams, but the government assured that that is just a small matter. “You know students who were doing the IGCSE syllabus already got their results even though schools were closed. Why not us?”

From the experience of many people who mark the exams, releasing the results even before the exams is not a very difficult task. “You only need to assign a few A’s to Kenya High School, ensure that half of the students get E’s in Mathematics, make sure that girls perform better than boys in English, and lastly give the best student from Northern Kenya a grade C.”

“You also remember that last year, KCSE results were announced in a record time – three days before the end of marking. The goal this year was to break the record and release the results even before the exams start. This means that Covid-19 should not affect the results.”

The news is welcome relief to thousands of candidates whose studies were disrupted this year by Covid-19 in Kenya. Hail Kenya.

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