Corruption Cases to be tried via Social Media

A new judicial system will see Kenya try corruption cases using modern systems of social interactions in order to guarantee speedy conviction.

Speaking during the launch of the Social Media Court of Kenya, the Chief Justice said that Kenya seeks to implement a 10X justice system where corruption cases will be tried on social media and the difference between facing the gallows or being set free might just be a matter of likes and retweets.

The new system is expected to speed up corruption cases which take a very long time to conclude. It is estimated that by the time a corruption case is concluded in Kenya, newer corruption scandals of greater magnitudes come up which make the older ones look like child play. The old cases are then dismissed.

In the new justice system, a jury of social media users will decide the fate of the accused and their decision is final. On may hire an influencer to represent them in the court but we are still certain that Kenyans will serve justice quickly.

Among the first cases that could be tried in the Social Media Court of Kenya include the current scandal involving the Covid-19 millionaires.


The new approach is the first in the world and will set Kenya apart as the most progressive countries when it comes to offering justice. It is expected that soon, a Twitter user with a single follower will be in a position to order for the head of a corrupt public officer delivered on a plate.

The move seems extremist to some human lefts activists but it is definitely better than an eye for an eye that most Kenyans would prefer.

There has been little opposition to the new system except from people who are currently or have previously been in the government, and are also very rich.

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