I Bought My First Car through Exposure – Jalang’o

Radio presenter, comedian and popular MC Felix Odiwour also know as Jalang’o has made a big reveal after he let his followers on social media know that he bought his first Car through exposure.

The celebrated comedian revealed how he worked 12 hours a day for six days a week in order to afford his first car, and the only payment he ever received from the employer was exposure!

“I barely slept, everyday walking for 9 km to work without a single coin. It took me seven years to accumulate enough exposure to buy a car. Life was hard but there was no other way around it.”

Jalang’o also added that many young people who they were working with were unable to keep up with the job, and today they have nothing to show for it. “Those who quit in the end got nothing. I tried to tell them that we can do it but they were only looking for money. Where are they now?”

The comedian now wants the youths to consider the value of the exposure that they get, telling them that they would gain more with exposure than the little money they are making wherever they are. However, this may not work well as the Central bank has warned traders against receiving payments in form of exposure.

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