“It’s not Personal; It’s Business” – Sauti Sol

Kenyan afro-pop band Sauti Sol has come out (literally) to defend their life choices after Kenyans threatened to cancel them and their music.

The band came under fire after they posted a ‘Sol Family’ photo which almost made Ezekiel Mutua to delete Twitter. In the photo, one band member is seen to have made some life choices that angered Kenyans because the unwritten code of conduct in Kenya is that you shall not be gay.

In an interview with PostaMate, the band expressed concerns that Kenyans are taking business matters personally. “We know that people are arguing about moral choices here and if that is the case, it is the same way people choose corruption as means to an end. At the end of the day, a corrupt politician makes his money. We are also under obligation to do what brings the greatest returns to the band. So far so good.”

Group of Marriages

While details of the ‘Sol Family’ remain scanty and they prefer it that way, some Kenyans were quick to defend the band online. “They have not said who is who in that family. They could all be cousins, or it could be a group of marriages. There might be five husbands and three wives, or since these people have not declared their gender, they could as well be eight men. It can go as far as the human imagination can reach.”

The band has also announced that for the sake of consistency, only three members will be allowed to perform the song ‘sura yako ni mzuri mama.’ “This is to ensure that our song portray a deep meaning that people can relate to without questioning.”

The revelation is a big blow to ladies, and Amerix is yet to comment on the matter.

Radically Different

However, insiders have revealed that it might not all be business, but lack of business. “This is the stage in life when nothing else brings you pleasure. You have to keep trying out different things until your pleasure will be derived from being different and unique from other people. When you have had it all, got all the money you needed and the finest whisky doesn’t even bring happiness, you have to either choose contentment or something radical. Radical it is.”

The country is now waiting for Ezekiel Mutua to decide whether Sauti Sol’s music shall die by lynching or an execution squad.


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