Kenya Pledges not to Interfere in the US Elections

The Government of Kenya has pledged not to interfere in the upcoming US elections, saying that a stable and democratic US is a key ally in ensuring a peaceful North American region.

Speaking when the US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter paid him a courtesy call, Chief Francis Kariuki said that Kenya was interested in a free and fair elections in the US and those who interfere with this will face the full wrath of Kenya.

“We are keen on a successful election in the US and both Democrats and Republicans must show restraint and commitment to democracy. We urge all stakeholders to work within United States’ laws to pursue electoral and other reforms.”

The chief also expressed concern that the two leading presidential candidates in the US are quite old, saying that the US could learn from Kenya where we are giving young people a chance. Donald Trump is 74 while his opponent Joe Biden is 77.

He said that Kenya was also monitoring the health of the candidates and would not hesitate to act if it becomes necessary in order to ensure the stability of North America.

The Chief also told Mr Kyle McCarter that Kenya would be sending election experts from IEBC to help the US manage a free and fair elections. He asked the two leading candidates to conduct their campaigns in a transparent manner, warning that Kenya was keenly following the developments in the former British colony in North America.

The US ambassador thanked the Government of Kenya for the pledge not to interfere in the election, saying that Kenya had proved to be a great mentorship partner to the US.

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