Kenya Police to Introduce Unpaid Internships

The Kenya Police has announced plans to offer internships to people interested in becoming police officers so that they can test the waters before committing to a full-time career as police officers.

The one year program will see Kenyan youths work as police officers for up to one year after undergoing a two week crash training in Kiganjo. However, the internships will be unpaid.

“We will simply be training them on how to use firearms then deploy them to various police stations around the country. This will help them as they will gain exposure and the country will benefit since we will have more police officers enforcing law and order,” said the police spokesperson.

 The internship will require one to be available for the whole year and also have the requisite 32 teeth. Potential candidates must show proof of being able to follow the unwritten code of conduct for policemen, as well as sustain themselves for 12 months without begging.

Already, record number of people from poor backgrounds have applied for the same, with rich Kenyans expressing concern that there could be a better way to do it.

Serving police officers also supported the initiative saying that the current pay is very little to the point that it is like they in some form of unpaid internships. Most of them are able to survive only because they joined network marketing such Aim Global and Crowd 1.

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