New Manager Fired from EABL after Reporting to Work Drunk

There is a very thin line between genius and insanity, but in most cases, it does not even exist. This was the lesson learnt by a newly hired manager at the East African Breweries after he was fired from work for reporting to work extremely intoxicated as a proof that he was passionate about his job.

It was the first day at work at EABL and the man heavily borrowed from his experience in his past job at Unga Limited. Being passionate about his work, he would consume different Unga Limited products in the morning before heading to work. It would inspire him to work harder, sell more and make more money for Unga Limited. His success was great and that is how he was poached by EABL to come up with a strategy to save the company at a time when bars all over the country are closed.

So, our genius staggered into the head office on his first day at work. Very juiced up and having difficulties keeping his mouth shut, the man went straight to the MD’s office and said four words: ‘Tusker Pamoja na kazi,’ before walking to his corner office where he started drawing graphs and charts to show how he would increase consumption of the frothy stuff in the country.

By then, all alarm bells were ringing and word had made it around the whole office about the new hire. Trust the office gossip machines.

The HR tried to salvage the situation for the sake of order. They knew very well that the man is a high performer, but the precedent he had set would not end up well if followed by more people. The man had to go.

Too bad he had already resigned from his previous job and it is hard to secure another job in these times. His only remedy lies with the courts, and we can assure you that he has a very strong case against EABL.

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