Obado Begs for his file not to be Handed Over to Justice Mumbi Ngugi

Embattled Migori Governor Okoth Obado who successfully managed to drag his family into a corruption sinkhole now has one plea; do not hand over my file to Justice Mumbi Ngugi.

Fearing the fate that befell the Ngiritas, Waluke and Wakhungu, Governor Obado asked for his case to be heard by a more reasonable judge who understands street language. “We have nothing personal against Justice Mumbi Ngugi but the stakes are too high here and we need a judge who we can ‘talk.’ A whole family here can easily face the guillotine.”

His concerns seem to echo across many people who are facing corruption cases, who said that Justice Mumbi Ngugi is becoming an obstacle to the old way of doing things. “You cannot keep jailing rich people like chicken thieves. We need some respect here.”

Obado who still has other more serious cases is hoping that the old normal will prevail, and justice will remain a word that the poor talk about.

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