Safaricom Hiring a Chief Meme Officer

If you thought meme makers are losers who have nothing to offer, we’ve got news for you: You don’t think.

Safaricom has announced a new job opening for the Chief Meme Officer (CMO) who will not only be one of the highest paid staff at the company, but will be second in command from the Chief Executive Officer.

Speaking during the unveiling of this futuristic position, Safaricom CEO said that the company was keen on speaking a language that most people can understand, saying that memes are a universal language. “We want to have more engagements with people and one of the most universal language spoken today is memes.”


Surprisingly, the new senior position does not even need a University degree or years of corporate experience as a qualification. All that is need is for one to demonstrate their experience in creating and using memes to appeal to masses in a big way. The Chief Meme Officer will work with a team of meme generators and this means that more opportunities are bound to open.

If you think the cake can’t get any sweeter, the Chief Meme Officer will also head all communication work at the company, making them one of the biggest deal makers in Kenyan media.

Meme makers in Kenya are excited at the news. “For the first time, we have a chance to get a real job with a title and a job description,” said one man who speaks fluent memes. “At least my parents will now have to understand what I do because they have completely refused to get it. It will also be an opportunity to be paid with something else besides retweets and exposure.”


The application for the position is also very unconventional. One is only expected to Tweet why they should get the job using the hashtag #SafaricomMemeOfficer and Safaricom will shortlist people from the Tweets! But first, you may need to delete those old Tweets where you accused them of stealing your data because we know most meme makers operate at less than 2MB data bundle.

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