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Uhuru: ‘Corruption is a Devolved Function’

The death of the war on corruption in Kenya has come sooner than expected after the government announced that only county governments have powers and the mandate to deal in and with corruption.

Shocking as it might sound, President Uhuru Kenyatta has reiterated that corruption is a devolved function and that the National Government has nothing to do with its perpetuation, propagation or even abolition.

In a strongly worded statement from the State House that was directed to his critics and Kenyans who have nothing to do but think that the government exists to breed corruption, Uhuru angrily said it is the devolved functions that should be working towards or against corruption.

“The role of the National Government ended with devolution. Corruption is now a devolved function and we have absolutely nothing to do with. The national government lacks the legal and policy framework to engage in or even fight corruption. You cannot accuse us of being corrupt when it is a county function.”

The statement comes in the backdrop of appointment of veteran corruption operatives into state corporations, increased loss of taxpayer money and new breed of corruption operatives who hold the surname ‘Kenyatta.’ Experts argue that the government could have gotten tired of pretending to be fighting corruption – the same vice that is needed for the government to operate.

The devolution of corruption means that the national government has no role to play in it and cannot be accused of engaging in corruption since it has no capacity for that. Only county governments have the potential for corruption and the national government is incapable of engaging in corruption without a direct court order.

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