47-Year-old man Still Hoping that his Deejaying Career will Pick up

All dreams are valid, but there is a limit to what can be valid because flogging a dead horse yields no results.

This is dilemma of a 47 year old man in Nairobi who is still hoping for a breakthrough in his DJ career, something he has been working on for the last 24 years.

The determination has put the whole family in an awkward position because during the annual gathering of cousins, the matter is always raised and the upcoming DJ always says that he just needs a little support for some equipment and rent, promising everybody that things will get better.

Unfortunately, the only thing that gets better is his age. This has caused a crisis because some nephews and nieces have already started a Deejaying career and they are doing better than him, although he insists that he has to be the DJ in all the family meetings. Honestly, he would prefer to miss the family gathering altogether, but it is one of the main gigs that he is assured of, and so he has to be there.

Elders are now concerned about the future of the former young man and want to advise him to get a real job, although it is something they told him several years ago when he was younger. Others think that they should just sit and watch and see what becomes of him, claiming that sometimes life can begin at 55.

Others wish that Deejaying was just a side hustle and not his main career, but the 47 year old is still pushing on as if he was 22. He is armed with a battery of motivation speakers to encourage him, some times even listening to prosperity gospel preachers

Our attempt to meet him for an interview were unsuccessful, as he was busy working on a new mix tape and strategizing on how to start a YouTube channel.

While we understand that it is hard to admit that ‘this thing is not working out,’ we know sometimes one has to keep pushing because there is no plan B. If you do not have any other skill and your ego cannot allow to be a supermarket attendant, then you have to fight to the end.

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