African Union Warns that US is Dangerously on the Precipice of a Post Election Violence

The African Union has expressed concerns that the United States is dangerously on the path to a Post Election Violence, even as the leading candidates continue to trade accusations and spur hatred.

Speaking at the African Union Headquarters, the AU Heads of States said that the Two Party States of America were experiencing a worrying build up of hate and intolerance, with a possibility that difference factions will result to violence after the election. “We saw it last time when Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump, and it will likely be the same if Joe Biden loses to Donald Trump.”

Gunning for Trump

The situation would even be worse if Donald Trump lost because he has indicated that he will not accept the results, while his supporters are known to literally have big guns. Donald Trump has been trying to enlist the help of people who are good at winning elections, such as the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

The AU also expressed concern that the US has previously expressed inability to properly count votes, citing a case of George Bush vs Al Gore. However, various countries such as Kenya have sent their elections experts to the US to help them conduct a free and fair election.

In the event of a Post Elections Violence, the AU will not hesitate to intervene and warned of severe consequences and travel restrictions for the parties involved.

Fragile Healthcare

“The situation is further exacerbated by the current situation brought about by the Covid-19 Pandemic which has exposed the fragile healthcare system in the wisdom constrained North American Country. The African Union together with our Eastern allies will continue to work together with the US to build strong institutions that will ensure that a peaceful, resilient and democratic United States of America.”

Similar sentiments were also expressed by various countries who are not part of the Global North, including India, Ecuador and Lebanon. The countries warned that they would not hesitate to issue sanctions and travel injunctions against the people destabilizing the North American region.

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