Governor Sonko Blames Cloud Computing for the Poor Weather in Nairobi

Former Nairobi City Governor Mike Sonko has threatened to take stern action against people offering Cloud computing services in Nairobi, blaming them for the bad weather that is being experienced in Nairobi at the moment.

Speaking at a local jewelry shop where he spent the day trying out a few blings and studs, Sonko said that it was unfortunate that Cloud computing people were making the weather unfavorable for city residents. “We have been working hard to make Nairobi the city in the sun but some guys with their cloud computing cannot give us a break.”

The governor went ahead to give a 7 day ultimatum for all cloud computing activities in the city to stop, warning that no new licenses will be issued by the city until there is evidence that they will not be issued. All Cloud computing services were also banned.

The directive is a big blow to the many cloud computing service providers in the city who have to scale down operations until someone can get rid of Sonko. Speaking to PostaMate, head of consumer services at Truehost Cloud called for city residents to ignore the governor and continue to work as if he did not exist. “We are aware that all Cloud services are under NMS, and we urge all citizens to continue utilizing our services without fear of Sonko or the outcomes.”

However, he did not clarify whether Cloud Computing had anything to do with the unexpected rains in Nairobi.

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